3 “Clichés” That Are Actually Best Practices

A cliché is defined as “a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.” This repetition and sometimes over-simplification of these phrases makes many people cringe – especially when used in relation to their careers or businesses.

However, often they exist and are still used today because they hold some truth. Rather than ignore them and shut them out of your vocabulary, take a closer look to learn the best practices they reveal.

1.“The customer is always right.”
We hear this cliché repeatedly in our work – from that part-time job as a teenager to when we launch our own business. From a rational perspective, we know that this isn’t true in an absolute sense. However, in concept, it represents an ideal that as a business owner you want to do whatever you can to ensure that your customers have a positive experience when doing business with you. If the customers represents that they aren’t happy, avoid arguing with them or getting defensive. Instead, listen and look for ways to find a common ground where everyone wins. This doesn’t mean throwing yourself – and your bottom line – under the bus for each and every complaint. It’s more about looking to understand first and then be understood. People want to be validated for how they view things. Once they feel that their view has been heard and respected, you then have a way better chance of making your view heard as well, and laying the groundwork for a win/win outcome.

2.“Think outside the box.”
This cliché is a common phrase inviting you to be anything but common. As bipolar as that may sound, it is precisely what is often required to bring about new solutions to old – and common – business problems. Creative thinking leads to creative solutions. Think about it. So much changes in any given week and, in some areas, in any given day (such as social media applications). Marketing, in general, is an area that requires thinking “outside the box” on a routine basis to ensure that you differentiate your business as superior and special from others. Flex your creative muscles and allow yourself to explore. Check out our other blog post titled, Discovery vs. Learning: Same concept yet one is a lot more fun! to learn about 4 ways to make thinking outside the box fun and productive.

3.“Anything is possible.”
Cheesy as it may sound, there is valid science to support the essence behind this cliché. Studies have shown that what you believe to be possible has a significant impact on the likeliness of the outcome. If you have a negative mindset when approaching a situation, you are much more likely to have a negative experience. The same goes for a positive mindset. It is a law of nature that what you believe and perceive to be possible, is possible. Unlike seeing is believing, we are now proving through modern science that believing leads to seeing what is possible and ultimately, real. By believing that anything is possible and having a positive attitude you make achieving your goals much more realistic. Your mind is a powerful thing. With the right focus and energy, you can turn your thoughts into reality. It’s no longer about mind over matter. It’s about mind creates matter.

Think about the next time you hear or use these clichés, as well as other clichés. Recognize the truth in them and how and why they came to be. This simple exercise in raising your awareness can promise all kinds of new and positive outcomes for your business and your life.

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