4 Things You Can Outsource to Improve Your Profits

When you’re a small or self-employed business owner you don’t just wear many hats, you wear every hat. This challenge can quickly become overwhelming, and for many can actually be a hindrance to their business. Every task from answering the phone to managing inventory is important to your success, but how do you manage it all? What most don’t realize is that many of these tasks can be outsourced, allowing you to focus your energy on creating a healthy business.

Here are four key tasks you should consider outsourcing:

  1. Marketing | There are two important reasons to outsource your marketing: time and expertise. Creating and implementing a marketing campaign requires a fair amount of time, something small business owners have little of. The result is that marketing tasks often get pushed to the side. Unfortunately, businesses can’t afford to have this happen. Outsourcing these key activities not only gives your marketing plan the attention it deserves, but it also brings in a level of expertise that makes the probability of a successful campaign much more likely.
  2. Web Designer | A great website, and one that is also mobile friendly, is more important than ever in today’s market. However, most individuals do not have the skill and knowledge to design and set-up their own website and then keep up with the required maintenance that ensures the website is up-to-date, functional and safe. Outsourcing your web design and maintenance to a freelance agent ensures that your website is receiving quality service, without the added expense of taking on a new employee. As an extra bit of advice, make sure you have a fixed contract with specific deliverables to avoid misunderstandings and potential cost increases later on.
  3. Payroll | Every small business should outsource their payroll. The benefits of doing this significantly outweigh the costs. Payroll management can become extremely complicated by taxes, legal requirements, and a variety of other factors. Trying to manage payroll yourself will not only cause stress, but it eats up hours of valuable time and the chances of error are significant.
  4. Phone Services | You may not think it, but small tasks like answering the phone keep your business running, which is why many small and self-employed business owners are opting to hire virtual assistants. Not only do these individuals help you manage many of the mundane administrative duties that take up extra time during your day, but they also give your business a larger and more professional image.

There’s no need to run your small business alone. By outsourcing these areas in your business, you can reduce your own stress – making your business fun again – and focus your energy on what you do best.

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