Why Dental Insurance is a No Brainer for Small Business Employers

Many people may not realize, but there is a direct correlation between good oral health and good overall health.

Like many parts of the human body, the mouth contains bacteria. Without routine maintenance, bacteria levels can lead to complications including gum disease and tooth decay. In addition, various medications may also compromise oral health. In many cases, poor oral health has been directly linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune disorders, pregnancy complications, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis.

Better Health = Better Savings

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that individuals who visited the dentist once a year for a dental cleaning experienced less visits for more expensive procedures and lower dental expenses overall than individuals who did not have routine annual cleanings. The study also found that those who practiced preventative oral care were more likely to have dental insurance coverage.

Simply put – when you feel good, you do good. This includes running your business or performing your job as an employee. Because of the strong correlation between oral health and overall health, having a small business dental plan offers tangible returns on investment (ROI).

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