5 Easy Tips to Effective Selling


Every business owner is a salesperson. You sell your ideas to investors, partners, employees, and most importantly, to your customers! In short, no sales, no business.

For many, however, the process of selling can be intimidating. It’s one thing to be passionate about your business – it’s another to convince others to buy in. This requires putting yourself out there in a way that leaves you open to rejection. Or does it?

Sharing and Caring vs. Telling and Selling

What if instead of selling, you focused on sharing your genuine enthusiasm for what you do with others who are likely interested in the same thing? If you sell artwork, do you think some people will like it? If you sell IT solutions, do you think people have IT challenges that could benefit from what you offer? When sharing your genuine passion with those who have a corresponding interest or need, the sales process becomes a lot more fun and a lot more effective for everyone involved. Here are 5 great tips for building upon this approach to attain your ideal sales goals:

1. Know your audience
When you love what you do, you likely know something about who has an interest or need in hearing about it. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to research and learn more about who these people are and where they are. Once you do, reach out and share that you care in ways that satisfy their interests and needs!

2. Master your pitch
While passion provides a great foundation for sharing and engaging prospects, it can also lead to too much telling to drive the selling. Like the children’s story about the 3 Little Bears, you don’t want your pitch to be too hard or too soft. You want it to be just right. This requires developing, rehearsing, testing, and refining your sales pitch. Try it out with non-prospects first to get some solid feedback. If helpful, create a script as a guide, but not to read from. A good sales pitch comes across as confident, informative, and natural!

3. Make a connection
When you’re natural and genuinely passionate in sharing what you do, people know it. This is very different than reading a script or being pushy because – let’s face it – we all want to feel special. The more you can connect with your customers in ways that make them feel special, the more likely the sale. Try using their name during the conversation and invite them to tell you what they’re interested in. Knowing what they want makes it easier for you to respond.

4. Keep in touch
Studies show that it is more cost-effective to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. Doing this requires keeping in touch. Thanks to technology, there are many easy-to-use and cost-effective approaches for maintaining good customer relations. Yesterday’s rolodex is today’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) system. Instead of a bulky card index on the top of your desk, CRMs work on all desktop and mobile devices allowing you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere.

5. Smile!
Positive energy is infectious. Studies have shown that when you’re feeling down, if you make yourself smile it creates a chemical reaction that leads to being happier. In turn, your happiness makes those around you happier and more at ease, as well. Even when selling by phone, a smile comes through in your voice. When you’re having fun, others are likely to have fun as well!

In summary, effective selling is not about selling at all. It’s more about doing what you love and sharing your genuine enthusiasm for it with others.

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