It’s no longer just about job creation. It’s about helping individuals create their own job.

As workforce development counselors, coaches, and educators, it is our job to help individuals attain their career objectives.  In many ways, we are all becoming strategic facilitators.

In fact, focusing on helping individuals to succeed with career pursuits is becoming more critical as the workforce is shifting. Drivers include skills-in-demand changing faster than skills-in-supply, automating just under half of all jobs, and employer’s use of project-based workers over hiring full-time workers to remain flexible. Navigating all these workforce factors today requires careful strategic thinking in order to achieve both income and quality of life goals.

Thankfully, we have a solution! Through proven, strengths-based, personalized learning programs, we have helped numerous organizations to significantly improve the impact of their career and workforce development program outcomes. This includes vocational rehabilitation programs, as well as economic development programs serving Native Americans, veterans, women, minorities, youth, and individuals with disabilities.

Packaged Success Training Programs

The following training programs are designed to help counselors, coaches, and teachers improve workforce outcomes for individuals at any age, skill level, and socio-economic background. Training materials include teaching guides, client/student workbooks, and both online and off-line teaching aids.

Enhancing Career Focus: Traditional and Self-Employment
Self-awareness is the first step to finding a rewarding career. In this Training Program, your staff will learn how to help individuals discover their passions and leverage their inherent strengths to identify a sustainable and meaningful career path including traditional employment, self-employment, or a combination of both. > Learn more
Creating Your Own Job: Self-Employment and Independent Contracting
For many individuals, self-employment and independent contracting offer an ideal venue for attaining income and quality of life goals. They function as sort of a hybrid between traditional employment and small business ownership where the workforce model is to secure routine, well-paying work like traditional employment, yet the flexibility of managing who you work for and when like the entrepreneurial model. For agency staff, training focuses on helping clients to learn about and access existing small business assistance public programs and not about becoming a small business counselor themselves. > Learn more
Starting Your Own Business: Venture Launch and Growth
Small business is the backbone of every thriving economy across the globe! While it is more complex than launching a self-employment venture, staff training is similar in that the goal is to learn how to facilitate client awareness, access, and use of existing no-cost, small business assistance public programs and not about learning to become a small business counselor themselves. > Learn more
Customizing Workforce Development Programs
All training programs can be customized to integrate with existing organizational policies and procedures. With over three decades working with government, nonprofit, for-profit, and academic institutions, we also offer support in enhancing and updating existing policy and programmatic workforce development solutions to meet today’s dynamic needs.

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