6 Branding Tips for the Self-Employed

There are a million different factors that go into building a brand, from customer service to décor to logo design, all of which culminate to provide a specific customer experience. Controlling that experience requires a branding strategy which specifies the impression you are trying to make and how you will achieve it. From a self-employed perspective, this can seem overwhelming. However, with some simple techniques, you can create a strong, positive brand.

Here are six branding tips for your self-employment business:

  1. Choose a great name and logo | A strong brand is one that is memorable. When choosing your business name and logo, you want them to be simple, interesting, and recognizable. You also want to be sure they accurately represent your mission and culture.
  2. Make it personal | When you’re self-employed, your business is a reflection of your dreams, interests, and passions. In some ways, you are your business’ brand. It can be a very personal experience to own and run a business, so don’t be afraid to let your own personality shine through. This can be one of your strongest assets to building a brand that customers can connect with.
  3. Find your voice and keep it consistent | Every business should have a “voice.” This is the common identity expressed throughout the business, and it can sometimes be challenging to keep it consistent. Whether it’s answering the phone or posting on social media, you want customers to get the same impression every time.
  4. Let your customers talk for you | As a self-employment business, your customers are your best sales people. Positive word-of-mouth can quickly help build a strong brand image within your target market. Invite your customers to refer friends, leave reviews online, and offer testimonials for you to use.
  5. Deliver top-notch service | Every business should strive to make great service part of their brand image. Customer experience is one of the most direct ways people form an opinion about a brand. Even in situations when there is a problem, many customers will still leave somewhat satisfied if staff is apologetic and helpful in resolving the issue.
  6. Get creative | There are many unique ways to integrate your brand personality into your business. As long as you stay true to your “voice,” use your branding strategy as an opportunity to have fun and be creative. Examples include holiday themed logo designs, custom images on social media, customized phone number (think 1-800-FLOWERS), and fun voicemail greetings.

The most important part of branding your business is that it comes across as genuine and unique. Customer will see right through it if you try too hard, or don’t try at all. Use these tips to build a strong brand for your self-employment business that customers fall in love with.

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