Celebrating National Small Business Week

The first week of May is National Small Business Week, a period dedicated to honoring the impact small businesses have in our communities and across the country. As one of those businesses being honored, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your success and build some buzz within your target audience.

If you haven’t started planning yet, here are some ways your business can celebrate National Small Business Week:

  • Cross-Market | For businesses that serve local geographies, leverage your local sense of community. By working with other businesses in your area, you can take advantage of cross-marketing opportunities in ways that save time, save money and increase sales. Cross-marketing among non-competing business models allows you to reach new customers, engage current ones and reinforce the positive spirit of your community – all great ways to celebrate small business week!
  • Share The News | Your loyal customers want to support your business, and you want to keep them informed. Social media and email campaigns are ideal venues for this type of engagement. Take advantage of them to promote Small Business Week while also sharing compelling and interesting news about your business. Have fun searching for and creating great content. This includes images of your team at work, products, services and stories about your company culture in ways that further engage.
  • Special Promotions | Nothing gets customers more excited than a sale or promotional offer. Take this opportunity to attract new customers and bring back old ones with a special National Small Business Week Sale. Some examples include buy one, get one half off, or spend $50 and get a free item. When planned strategically, a sale can generate more money despite the lower margins. Use plenty of signage, stickers, and online posts to promote before and during your offer.
  • Inspire Someone Else | One of the best ways to celebrate small business, is to inspire another aspiring entrepreneur. There are many individuals out there who could fulfill their passion through small business or self-employment ventures. As a small business owner who’s “been there, done that,” you are well positioned to reach out and nurture them along. Start out by volunteering at your local school or contacting your local SCORE Counselors to America’s Small Business.

In closing, we’d like to also celebrate you as a Small Business owner by sharing America’s Small Business Champions Network (The Network). The Network is a cost-free public service directory that introduces over 30,000 government and nonprofit programs across the U.S. tailored to help us all start, grow and succeed in business. Visit www.BUZGate.org and choose your state to start taking advantage of programs that can support your future success.

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