How Entrepreneurship is About Self-Motivation

Almost every morning, our CEO, Dr. Deborah wakes up at dawn, throws on her sneakers, and goes for a run. Though some days, getting out of bed is harder than others, she motivates herself to get up and get running because she is dedicated to starting her day with energy. Dr.  Deborah’s ability to self-motivate herself, while most of us are sound asleep, is something you actually see quite often in entrepreneurship.

If you were to Google search the question, “What is the key to entrepreneurial success?” you will get millions of answers. Dedication, commitment, leadership – these are among some of the more common characteristics you will find. However, one trait that we don’t see very often in these lists is the ability to self-motivate.

Self-motivation is what ties all of these other characteristics together. Every day we are faced with challenges. Every day we need to get up, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. However, the fact is there is no “boss” telling you what to do when you’re self-employed. The responsibly to make decisions and do what needs to be done resides only on your own shoulders. There will be times when, just like any other job, you dread going to work, and there will be times when the future of your business looks bleak. The key to motivating yourself to succeed, even when it gets difficult, is to set specific goals and stay positive.

By setting goals, you are giving yourself something to work towards. Keep those goals at the forefront of your mind. They will serve as bright spots on the horizon when challenges arise. Along your way to reaching them, celebrate the smaller milestones as well, such as completing the first stage of a project, connecting with a new client, or even cleaning off your desk. These small boosts of positive energy will help you power through to reach the finish line.

Another important aspect of self-motivation is organization. Businesses don’t thrive in chaos. They thrive in organized chaos. It becomes much easier to deal with new challenges and obstacles when you reduce stress in other areas caused by disorganization. By prioritizing tasks and creating systems for getting things done, you set yourself up to succeed.

If you are having difficulty self-motivating, find a little push from an outside force. It could be a friend, a book, a counselor, or a video. One of the most effective ways of building your confidence and ability to self-motivate is to emulate someone else. Listen to their advice and practice self-motivation by starting with small goals and gradually making them larger.

Think it and believe it, and you will achieve it. Say these words to yourself every day. Eventually, through self-motivation and dedication, you will find the opportunities that will make it come true.

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